End in Sight

Less than 4 days to go and we can’t get any more ready. We spent last weekend cleaning the boat and doing a final inventory on the gear we’re taking. We got the sponsor stickers on the boat. Thanks again!

Sponser stickers on..check
Boat clean..check
New oars… check

We got a new set of oars from our friend Hugh Horton. They weigh about 20% less than the old ones. They came with the stock plastic vinyl collar and wrap which actually feels pretty good. We sprayed some McLube on the collars and they fit perfectly in the oar locks and rotate smoothly. Our rowing program just improved about 100%.

The boat is in Bill’s driveway and all of our gear is staged on a table in his garage.

It WILL be nice to put a car in the garage again…

The next project will be taking the boat to the beach for inspection on Friday. We plan on getting there around noon and setting up. We’ll have all of our stuff with us for some final packing adjustments. Then after inspection, most of the stuff will come off the boat again. We heard that Chief has security on the beach for Friday night but we would like to have our gear on Saturday morning, so we’ll be cautious and do some extra hauling.

A big challenge is deciding what gear to wear for the start. It’s going to be cold with reports in the 50’s. Water temperature is probably about 60 degrees. To launch we’ll have to get wet up to our knees at least and we don’t want to take a lot of time adding or subtracting gear once the boat’s in the water. I’m thinking my foul weather bottoms and kayak shoes and whatever is appropriate on top. Once we launch and get settled we can decide on the appropriate layers.

The current weather prediction is for cold temperatures (50 to 60 degrees) and winds out of the NW at 13. That’s as of today (Monday afternoon). It will most likely change.


The encouraging thing is that for the last week all of our sources have predicted North or Northwest winds for at least the first 3 days of the EC. That’ll work! It could make for a fast race but also some heavy decisions. Going into Stump Pass or Venice will probably be our first big one. We’ve charted alternative routes from the start and we have some basic perameters we agree on that will help us make our decisions. So for now, it’s just wait and get some sleep.

See you on the beach.

3 thoughts on “End in Sight

  1. Sounds like you guys are as prepared as you can be. I hope the winds work out for you and limit the rowing. It will be interesting to watch spot and see which route you choose. Best of luck I know I will be gluesd to the computer for a few days.

  2. As owner of Sea Pearl Touche’, I bid you a safe a fast journey. Be victorious in your endeavors and make all Sea Pearl owners proud!

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